Giving Your Poultry The Vitamins They Need

Products made in other countries might cut their ingredients but we will not sacrifice the quality of our product for the profit.


Bulldozer De Gallos also unlike many other of our competitors products bear the GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Product) Seal. Also as a true testament to our manufacturing we use a FDA licensed laboratory, this assures that you are receiving a quality product.

100% Natural Product

Give your chickens the vitamins they need to grow and thrive all in a totally 100% natural product that does not skimp on quality ingredients.

100% Natural

The Bulldozer De Gallos Blue version features 2 new ingredients to our already famous proprietary blend. Chicken Collagen and Bentonite Clay.




Natural Ingredents


US. Made

More results with Bulldozer 48 out of 50 eggs don’t get much better, all the brood stock were given the Bulldozer

Luke J.

We just received our bulldozer blue!!! Such an amazing product. Will continue to use this for our chickens

Joselyn N.

This is what great products do for your fowl. These chicks are 9 days old. Great feathering and bodies on these babies.

Todd L.

Bulldozer De Gallos, Doing the Tennessee Waltz, another successful breeding story by a veteran american breeder.

Dwayne A.